Jonah Hill & Morgan Freeman

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8.08 “My Lawyer’s In Love”

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Have u had 8 glasses of dihydrogen monoxide today?

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Alright, these are kinda adorable…


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I saw a thing today.
"Over the past decades, the fear of terrorism—stoked by consistent exaggerations of the actual threat—has been exploited by US leaders to justify a wide array of extremist policies. It has led to wars of aggression, a worldwide torture regime, and the detention (and even assassination) of both foreign nationals and American citizens without any charges. But the ubiquitous, secretive system of suspicionless surveillance that i has spawned may very well turn out to be its most enduring legacy. This is so because, despite all the historical parallels, there is also a genuinely new dimension to the current NSA surveillance scandal: the role now played by the Internet in daily life.

Especially for the younger generation, the Internet is not some standalone, separate domain where a few of life’s functions are carried out. it is not merely our post office and our telephone. Rather, it is the epicenter of our world, the place where virtually everything is done. It is where friends are made, where books and films are chosen, where political activism is organized, where the most private data is created and stored. It is where we develop and express our very personality and sense of self.

To turn that network into a system of mass surveillance has implications unlike those of any previous state surveillance programs. All the prior spying systems were by necessity more limited and capable of being evaded. To permit surveillance to take root on the Internet would mean subjecting virtually all forms of human interaction, planning, and even thought itself to comprehensive state examination."
Glenn Greenwald - Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State (via antigovernmentextremist)

My mom as we get stuck in traffic: “you should zoom around and cut in the front, thats what a smart person would do”
Me: “thats what an asshole would do”
Mom: “no”
(10 min later)
*Someone cuts in front of us*
Mom: “Jackass!! I hate him”
Me:”no mom, you said he was smart! our hero! Our idol!”